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TL;DR?  Here’s the long-form piece in a nutshell:

While a handful of downtown ballparks may have more captivating views, Target Field has the most creative and impressive urban design in ballpark history, with plazas, concourses, and outfield seating bowls constructed above roads to expand the footprint.

Given its responsiveness to its urban surroundings, Target Field represents a return to the best “retro” ballpark principle of adhering to contextual design, while ironically being one of the least retro parks.  With a clean outfield aesthetic free from gimmicks and an abundance limestone inside and out, Target Field screams authentic Minnesota baseball.

Target Field also benefits (1) from being extremely well rounded, as it excels in almost all respects, and (2) from the fact that the Twins have displayed an admirable dedication to continually upgrading the facility despite its young age.  As of 2022, it still looks brand new.

While a few other ballparks may be more outstanding in some respects, Target Field does it all: (a) downtown locale with vibrant local scene, (b) regionally-inspired architecture, (c) contextually-based interior design, (d) adroitly-integrated downtown views, (e) wide, open concourses, (f) choice local food and craft beer options, (g) a fabulous array of climate-controlled spaces and bars, and (h) generally phenomenal amenities.  This was the single most difficult park to choose a “biggest dislike.”

At the end of the day, the Twins pad both checks all of the boxes and brings an unmistakable sense of place via notable aesthetic flourishes and locally-inspired amenities.