Tracking Down Every World Series Commissioner’s Trophy in Existence

The World Series. Much has been written about baseball’s receding presence in broader popular culture, but the sport’s culminating postseason showdown has such legendary status that it has inspired other competitions to adopt its nomenclature.  The World Series of Poker, Darts, Country Music, etc. all chose their names to associate with this enduring tradition.

The Commissioner’s Trophy has become the lasting symbol of a World Series victory. While a World Series trophy is not without precedent in Major League Baseball, the Commissioner’s Trophy was actually first awarded in 1967, when the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Boston Red Sox.  The current trophy design was created by Tiffany & Co. in 2000, composed of sterling silver and featuring 30 gold-plated flags for each MLB team.

55 Commissioner’s Trophies have been awarded to 23 different MLB teams.  That got me thinking: where are they?

Throughout my quest to see all areas of every MLB park on multiple occasions, including as many revisits as possible each year, I’ve noted most clubs display their Commissioner’s Trophies or World Series trophy replicas (see explanation below) in their ballparks.  I’ve seen four general methods of displaying the Trophy in MLB ballparks: (1) in common areas on the main concourse, (2) in a team museum on site, (3) in a private club or club level in the ballpark, accessible to only certain ticket holders or those on ballpark tours, and (4) in team offices, not accessible to fans at all.    

53 of the 55 Commissioner’s Trophies are still owned by the team awarded the Trophy.  The Braves’ original 1995 Commissioner’s Trophy was kept by Ted Turner.  The 1971 Trophy awarded to the Pittsburgh Pirates now mysteriously lies outside the team’s hands.  More on that later. 

Cubs World Series Trophy
The Chicago Cubs iconic 2016 World Series Commissioner’s Trophy sits inside the Trophy Room at Wrigley Field. (Cole Shoemaker/Ballpark Ratings, as are all photos below)

One complicated but important housekeeping issue: before the Commissioner’s Trophy was redesigned in 2000, MLB awarded teams an official Commissioner’s Trophy when they won, but it didn’t have the team named engraved in it.  So, all clubs would later receive a team-engraved World Series trophy.  This means teams that won the World Series before 2000 actually have two versions: an official Commissioner’s Trophy and a team-engraved World Series trophy. 

For example, regarding the aforementioned 1995 title, you can see Bobby Cox holding the official version, which reads “World Championship Trophy, Presented by the Commissioner of Baseball.”  But the team-engraved version created shortly after the 1995 victory, which reads “Atlanta Braves, World Champions, 1995,” is now displayed at Truist Park. 

This is common, and for the purposes of this exercise, I’m counting both as legitimate World Series trophies, with the “type” specified below.  It makes sense: why would you display a trophy without your name on it?  Most teams do what the Braves do, even if the original happens to no longer be in their possession.  Interestingly, only the Minnesota Twins display both versions of both of their pre-2000 trophies in their ballpark.      

I’m a sucker for ballparks with team historical exhibits housing neat pieces of memorabilia, so I’ve been itching to write this piece for a while.  Through my own observations and correspondences with MLB teams, below is a full accounting of the location of every World Series trophy. 

2022, 2017: Houston Astros – Minute Maid Park

Current Location: Union Station Team Store

Type: Official Commissioner’s Trophy, both titles.

The Astros have the most bizarre and fan-unfriendly setup for displaying their World Series trophies, even counting teams that stash them in private stadium clubs.

Both the 2022 and 2017 Commissioner’s Trophies flank the corners of the ballpark’s primary team store in fairly obscure and unmarked areas.  Not only that, but they’re located at the end of the team store, so the team forces fans to walk through the store before seeing them.  In other words, you have to go shopping before seeing the trophies!  Moreover, they aren’t really accessible unless you ask.  Aren’t the Astros supposedly, um, quite proud of their titles?

It reflects the ballpark’s new organizing philosophy of turning everything that was formerly interesting about the place into a point of sale.  And this is my home park, by the way, so I’ll bash it all I want.   

2021, 1995: Atlanta Braves – Truist Park

Current Location: Main concourse behind home plate opposite Monument Garden

Type: 2021 official Commissioner’s Trophy; 1995 team-engraved World Champions trophy

The Braves do a phenomenal job of celebrating the club’s illustrious history at Truist Park, and their World Series trophy displays are no exception. 

Adjacent to Monument Garden behind home plate, my personal favorite historical area in any MLB park, the World Series trophies sit in glass display cases for all fans to see from the main concourse. The 1995 trophy displayed is of the team-engraved variety, as the original Commissioner’s Trophy was kept by Ted Turner. The 1995 Commissioner’s Trophy has been displayed at the University of George Special Collections Libraries.

2020, 1988, 1981: Los Angeles Dodgers – Dodger Stadium

Current Location: Memorabilia-lined hallway behind the Dugout Club on service level

Type: 2020 official Commissioner’s Trophy; 1981 and 1988 team-engraved World Champions trophy

Here’s another fan-unfriendly setup.  All three Dodgers’ World Series trophies sit in a hallway backing the ultra-premium Dugout Club accessible to only 500 fans behind home plate, where season tickets go for $49k to $94k per seat

I give the Dodgers some leniency here, because it’s implied these are primarily intended to be seen on ballpark tours.  And Dodger Stadium offers some of the best ballpark tours anyway, so that makes sense.

The two 1980s trophies are the secondary versions with the team name, with the Commissioner’s Trophies from those years located in team offices.

2019: Washington Nationals – Nationals Park

Current Location: Champions Club (mezzanine club level) lounge, first base side

Type: 2019 official Commissioner’s Trophy

As far as World Series trophy displays in private clubs go – obviously my least preferred method – I think this is by far the coolest setup. 

For 2022, the Nationals renovated their entire mezzanine club level not just to commemorate Washington baseball history, but to heavily honor the 2019 team specifically. 

The 2019 Commissioner’s Trophy anchors a massive display of memorabilia from the 2019 run, including individual awards, jerseys, hats, bases, rings, the National League Trophy, the World Series MVP Trophy, and even all seven official scorecards from the 2019 World Series.  It’s not just the Commissioner’s Trophy.

Moreover, Champions Club tickets are affordable on the secondary market – around $30 to $50 per game (yes, not 50 thousand like above!).    

2018, 2013, 2007, 2004: Boston Red Sox

Fenway Park

Current Location: Dell Technologies Club

Type: Official Commissioner’s Trophy, all 4 trophies

Fenway Park is bursting with charming historical nods throughout its footprint, with seemingly some sort of awesome knickknack or venerable tribute everywhere you look on the main concourse, but this ain’t it.

The Dell Technologies Club on the mezzanine behind home plate, literally billed as a “fine dining experience” by the Red Sox, is Fenway Park’s most exclusive space, with season ticket prices unknown but routinely going for $300-$500 per game on the secondary market.  Moreover, at least when I toured the park in 2010 and 2021, this wasn’t a stop.  You’ll have to pony up to see these babies.

All four Commissioner’s Trophies are located in display cases by to the club’s entrance to the left and the right.

2016: Chicago Cubs – Wrigley Field

Current Location: Wrigley Field Trophy Room

Type: 2016 official Commissioner’s Trophy

Now for some teams that get it.  In 2023, the Cubs created the “Trophy Room” inside the Marquee Gate entrance accessible to all fans on game days. 

It’s a well-adorned room with nothing else but the 2016 Commissioner’s Trophy, a fitting display given the importance of the Cubs’ first World Series in 108 years.

2015: Kansas City Royals – Kauffman Stadium

Current Location: Royals Museum and Hall of Fame

Type: 2015 official Commissioner’s Trophy, 1985 team-engraved World Champions Trophy

Of the many ballparks with team museums inside the footprint, the Royals Museum and Hall of Fame is the best of the bunch.  Located on the main concourse in left field, the two-story complex houses too many exhibits to name, highlighting the history of Kansas City Royals baseball.  The museum is accessible to all fans free of any additional charge. 

The 2015 Commissioner’s Trophy and the 1985 team-engraved World Series trophy are featured prominently in the museum and are backed by looping videos of the respective clinching plays.  The 1985 Commissioner’s Trophy is in the Royals’ possession in an unknown location.  

2014, 2012, 2010: San Francisco Giants

Oracle Park

Current Location: Main Concourse behind home plate

Type: Official Commissioner’s Trophy, all 3 trophies

This is my absolute favorite World Series Championship exhibit in Major League Baseball, simply because of its prominent presence. 

Instead of putting the trophies in a museum or a room, where most fans will not enter, or a private club, where most fans cannot enter, the Giants display their Commissioner’s Trophies in a bold, brash display case on the main concourse behind home plate that can’t be missed!

I mean, just look at the thing.  Plus, World Series rings back the display case.

2011, 2006, 1982, 1967: St. Louis Cardinals

Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum

Current Location: Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum in Ballpark Village

Type: Official Commissioner’s Trophy, all 4 titles

The Cardinals have never done a good job of honoring the history of the National League’s preeminent franchise inside Busch Stadium, instead relying on the Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum in Ballpark Village beyond left field.  Adult tickets to the museum cost $12.

All four Trophies are displayed throughout the museum in areas honoring each respective era.  Interestingly, the pre-2000 trophies are the real McCoys. 

World Series trophies are also displayed (or used to be displayed) in Busch Stadium’s Champions Club on the mezzanine down the left field line, but according to the museum, they must be replicas. 

2009, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1996, 1978, 1977:

New York Yankees – Yankee Stadium

Current Location: New York Yankees Museum

Type: Official Commissioner’s Trophy, all 7 titles

Located in the right field corner of Yankee Stadium on the mezzanine, the New York Yankees Museum isn’t the biggest ballpark historical display area, but it might have the highest quality of memorabilia in MLB, no surprise considering the franchise’s history.  Think priceless Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle showpieces.

All seven official Commissioner’s Trophies are displayed throughout the small museum.  The museum is accessible to all fans.

2008, 1980: Philadelphia Phillies

– Citizens Bank Park

Current Location: Team offices, not accessible to fans

Type: N/A

Citizens Bank Park is a fantastic place, so it’s strange that the Phillies don’t showcase their World Series trophies to fans, especially in light of recent success.  They are not even accessible on ballpark tours.  I believe they used to be displayed in the premium club lobby behind home plate, but both World Series trophies are currently located in the team offices or storage. The Phillies will bring them out to special events on occasion.    

For what it’s worth, the 2022 National League Trophy was featured this year.

2005: Chicago White Sox – Guaranteed Rate Field

Current Location: Ballpark Lobby Behind Home Plate by Gate 4

Type: 2005 official Commissioner’s Trophy

For a ballpark reputed to not be fan friendly, fairly or not, perhaps it’s no surprise that the Commissioner’s Trophy from the White Sox first title since 1917 can’t be seen by the vast majority of fans.  And the White Sox don’t give ballpark tours.

However, if you ask a supervisor nicely (and perhaps have a blog dedicated to your obsession with ballparks), they’ll let you in the team lobby behind home plate, which is also utilized as an entrance by some luxury suite ticket holders.  Located on the left side of the lobby, the 2005 Commissioner’s Trophy sits with a 2005 team photo, the American League Trophy, World Series rings, and a 2011 Commissioner’s Award for Philanthropic Excellence.

2003, 1997: Miami Marlins – loanDepot Park

Current Location: Marlins Museum

Type: 2003 official Commissioner’s Trophy; 1997 team-engraved World Champions trophy

Even compared to other “recent” expansion franchises, the Miami Marlins had been derelict in honoring their team’s history in their ballpark.  Marlins Park’s cutting-edge contemporary architecture had little in it that reflected its tenant.

That all changed in 2023 with the introduction of the Marlins Museum.  Located in an enclave off the main concourse in left field formerly occupied by the Taste of Miami food court (which had been dormant for the last few years), the Marlins Museum houses both trophies toward the end of the small historical exhibit. 

The 1997 official version, seen here being hoisted by Devon White and Bobby Bonilla, is in the Marlins possession in an unknown location.  

2002: Los Angeles Angels – Angel Stadium

Current Location: Main concourse behind home plate

Type: Official Commissioner’s Trophy

A tribute to the Angels’ sole World Series title sits behind home plate on the main concourse, which is accessible to all fans.  The can’t-miss “2002 WORLD CHAMPIONS” display is anchored by the Commissioner’s Trophy, but it also holds other memorabilia related to the team.  

2001: Arizona Diamondbacks – Chase Field

Current Location: Arizona Diamondbacks History and Championship Exhibit (Museum)

Type: Official Commissioner’s Trophy

Another park, another museum.  If the Diamondbacks and Marlins have one, why can’t your team?  Located off the main concourse in center field, the Diamondbacks’ 2001 Commissioner’s Trophy anchors a display honoring the team.  Similar to Anaheim and Washington, jerseys, bats, bases, balls, newspaper articles, and the official scorecards from all seven 2021 World Series games surround the trophy.

1993, 1992: Toronto Blue Jays – Rogers Centre

Current Location: Ticketmaster Lounge

Type: Official Commissioner’s Trophy, both trophies

Blue Jays World Series Trophies

On the scale of memorabilia and World Series trophies in private stadium clubs, this is my least favorite, because tickets in the tiny and ultra-exclusive Ticketmaster Lounge are rarely available on the primary (including Ticketmaster; this might be the biggest naming rights misnomer of all time) or secondary market.  It’s essentially a big private suite on the mezzanine suite level.

Both Commissioner’s Trophies are located just inside the club’s door adjacent to the “concierge desk.”  Yeah.

This is just one example of why the Blue Jays are dead last on my scorecard for honoring team history in an MLB ballpark, something that is hopefully being fixed with the renovation.

1991, 1987: Minnesota Twins – Target Field

Current Location: Truly on Deck (right field restaurant and bar) and Champions Club

Type: Both for both!  Official Commissioner’s Trophy for 1991 and 1987 in Truly on Deck; team-engraved World Champions Trophy for 1991 and 1987 in Champions Club

Not the best setup, but huge kudos for displaying all versions of your World Series trophies.

The team-engraved trophies are displayed in the ultra-exclusive ground level home plate club, dubbed the Champions Club, which is similar to the Dodgers’ Dugout Club.  Tickets in here usually go for about $200-$400 per game on the secondary market.  Target Field debuted with this setup, and surprisingly, many fans voiced their complaints, as the Metrodome apparently displayed these babies in public.

This may be why the Twins are the only team with pre-2000 World Series Championships to showcase both versions.  In 2018, the Twins opened a restaurant on the right field mezzanine accessible to all fans.  Both Commissioner’s Trophies sit within glass cases in the restaurant.

1990, 1976, 1975: Cincinnati Reds

Reds Museum and Hall of Fame

Current Location: Reds Museum and Hall of Fame

Type: Team-engraved World Champions Trophy, all 3 trophies 

Similar to the Cardinals, the Reds have a massive Museum and Hall of Fame adjacent to the ballpark.  This one is my favorite team museum in all of baseball, even if it’s not technically inside the park.

All three trophies are displayed in a row on the top floor of the museum.  Coolest of all, this is the only park I’ve seen with trophies honoring World Series Championships from the pre-1967 Commissioner’s Trophy era, with 1919 and 1940 “tribute trophies” created after the fact.  In 2019, the Reds Hall of Fame commissioned the creation of 1919 and 1940 trophies inspired by the Commissioner’s Trophy design.

1989, 1972, 1973, 1974: Oakland Athletics

Current Location: Oakland Athletics’ Offices in Howard Terminal, ironically

Type: N/A

Where do the A’s keep their World Series trophies, you ask?  This is a team that just refused to pay for its mascot to fly to the All-Star Game.  This is a team that just gifted Miguel Cabrera, who famously does not drink, a $90 bottle of wine on his farewell tour. 

Let’s just say carelessness and frugality go hand in hand in answering this question.  For all we know, they could be in John Fisher’s basement awaiting to be sold for their value in gold.

In all seriousness, the A’s have never had a permanent fan display for their trophies, but the 1989 trophy has made ad hoc appearances for photo ops in Championship Plaza in better years.  In 2020, all four trophies sat in the A’s office in Howard Terminal, the site of what was once hoped to be their future home.  No sign of their existence at the Oakland Coliseum in 2023, although they are still in the team’s possession.

With the move to Las Vegas, will they ever be displayed again?    

1986, 1969: New York Mets – Citi Field

Current Location: Mets Hall of Fame and Museum

Type: 1986 Team-Engraved World Series Champions trophy; 1969 official Commissioner’s Trophy

Citi Field was roundly criticized for its overemphasis on Brooklyn Dodgers history and its lack of nods to the Mets upon opening in 2009, but that’s largely been rectified in recent years.  In 2010, Citi Field opened the Mets Hall of Fame and Museum on the right side of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.

Tributes to the two Mets’ titles sit side by side in the center of the museum.  Interestingly, the 1986 trophy is the unofficial team-engraved one, while the 1969 display case has the official Commissioner’s Trophy.  I wonder if this was just done for the sake of variety?  Both versions of both World Series trophies are in the Mets’ possession.   

My favorite thing about the 1969 Trophy? It’s by definition the only one with a Seattle Pilots flag!

1984, 1969: Detroit Tigers – Comerica Park

Current Location: Champions Club

Type: Team-engraved World Champions Trophy, both trophies

Similar to the Toronto Blue Jays’ setup at Rogers Centre, I’m particularly not a fan of stashing trophies and memorabilia in these tiny clubs.  Located on the suite level in left field, at least Comerica Park’s Champions Club is a pretty cool space that’s reasonably affordable on the secondary market.  The original official Commissioner’s Trophies are located in team offices on site.     

1983, 1970: Baltimore Orioles

– Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Current Location: Club Level (mezzanine) behind home plate

Type: 1983 team-engraved World Series Champions Trophy; 1970 official Commissioner’s Trophy

The long-suffering Orioles house their two World Series trophies on the mezzanine club level behind home plate.  Note that tickets in this area are plentiful and reasonably priced, as this isn’t so much a small insular club, but an entire mezzanine club level spanning the ballpark.

Both trophies face the concourse behind home plate on this level.

1979, 1971: Pittsburgh Pirates

Current Location: Team Administrative Lobby of PNC Park, usually not accessible to fans (1979); and unknown, probably the Darby House on the Galbreath Estate in Galloway, Ohio (1971)

Type: 1979 official Commissioner’s Trophy

This last one took quite a bit of digging.  It may not have been obvious until now, but technically, World Series trophies are awarded to team owners to do with as they please.  Pirates owner Dan Galbreath did not exactly keep it in the family. 

Before he died in 1995, Galbreath donated the 1979 Commissioner’s Trophy to the Alleghany Club, a private independent restaurant at Three Rivers Stadium that housed a considerable amount of memorabilia.  The Alleghany Club put it up for auction in 2005.  Ultimately, the Pirates contested ownership over the Trophy and reacquired shortly thereafter.

The 1979 Commissioner’s Trophy usually sits in the Pirates’ administrative lobby.  It has been accessible on tours in the past, but I have not seen it recently.  The 1979 replica team-engraved version remains with the Galbreath family.  A replica of the Commissioner’s Trophy also sits in a sports museum in Columbus, Ohio.   

As for the 1971 Commissioner’s Trophy, Galbreath just kept it!  Officially, that’s all I know. Apparently, it’s just sitting in the house of the Galbreath family on an Ohio horse farm.  I did a bit of sleuthing, and here’s a photo from Flickr in 2012, with the trophy just sitting on the mantle at Darby House in Ohio, the estate of the Galbreath family.