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TL;DR?  Here’s the long-form piece in a nutshell:

Heralded for saving baseball in Seattle, T-Mobile Park has historically been considered one of the best parks in baseball, receiving rave reviews upon opening for its “umbrella”-style retractable roof that doesn’t enclose the park and unparalleled array of modern amenities.  With a $500+ million price tag, an exorbitant amount for the late 1990s, almost no expense was spared.

Today, it seems like T-Mobile Park has faded from the limelight as a “must see” baseball cathedral—perhaps largely because of the Mariners now decades-long irrelevance coupled with geographic isolation.

Controversially, I’ve always been critical of the stadium’s architectural design.  The exterior is utterly disjointed, with the third base side wrapped in red brick and the first base side exposed in unadorned steel.  While some parts of the upper deck sport good views, T-Mobile’s interior visuals lack a defining focal point other than that bulbous roof, with poor attention to the urban context and haphazardly placed outfield grandstands.  No sense of place from the lower bowl.

However, there’s no denying the fan-friendliness of the Mariners home.  The gameday experience has aged well despite few ballpark enhancements other the years, because T-Mobile was way ahead of its time in offering those extra frills.   

The food and craft beer are among the very best in baseball.  The Pen is baseball’s prototypical social space.  The main concourse is open to the field without interruption, and the concourses have so many cool SRO areas.  The videoboard is one of baseball’s largest.  The Mariners Hall of Fame and Museum, while a bit dated, is still a must-see attraction.  And the “Art in the Park,” headlined by the chandelier of 1,000 translucent bats in the rotunda, remains the showstopper.

In sum, I think T-Mobile Park’s structure and aesthetics are overrated, but the rest of the fan experience remains top notch.  Look for future renovations to further enhance the latter and improve T-Mobile’s standing.